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Ben is a Philly expat living in Brooklyn with an unhealthy footy obsession. You can usually find him in section 117 on Union gamedays.

Second Teams: Germany
World Cup: Second Teams

Second Teams: Germany

Obviously, we’ll all root against Germany when they play the US. But, as Ben Tracy writes, when that isn’t the case, there are plenty of reason to cheer for die Mannschaft.

Le Toux treble gives Union 3-2 victory
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Le Toux treble gives Union 3-2 victory

It was a landmark day for soccer in Philadelphia. A first home game, a first win and a first hat trick of goals for the Union.

Le Toux attempts to control ball, keep shirt (Photo by Tom Hauck/Getty Images North America)
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A poor start for the Blue & Gold

OK, OK, it was just the first game. There is no need to panic. However, there’s also no need to gloss it over: the Union were poor last night, and there are reasons for concern.

Roger Torres, part of a new Columbian generation
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Roger Torres signing part of larger trend in MLS

In signing young midfielder Roger Torres, Philadelphia Union are taking part in a growing trend in MLS: Bringing in Colombian talent, especially that of the young variety.

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Let's Get Dirty – Nigel De Jong's Kindred Spirits

If you’re a USA fan who isn’t up on the Oranje, Manchester City, or the Hamburgers before that, you might have wondered “who was that objectionable oaf who broke poor Stu’s leg?”, and later on “who is that cowardly s%!$head who blatantly dove for a free kick while under pressure […]

USA 2-1 El Salvador – A Few Thoughts
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USA 2-1 El Salvador – A Few Thoughts

If you are only a casual USMNT fan, you might be forgiven if you forgot this game was happening. In fact, many hardcore fans have questioned the real value of this fixture. The fact is, though, that there are still a good 5-6 spots on the World Cup roster┬ástill up […]

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Schoolyard Goalkeeping Sinks Arsenal Again

Anyone wondering to what extent goalkeeping can derail an otherwise very good team need only look at Arsenal. The Gunners’ goalkeeping situation reached farcical proportions today after young Polish ‘keeper Lukasz Fabianksi gifted Porto a 2-1 advantage in the first leg of their Champions League tie. Fabianski was filling in […]

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Landon Donovan Scores First For Everton (!!)

Our beloved Landycakes took one step closer to shutting up his critics, scoring his first ever league goal accross the pond in Everton’s 2-0 win over slumping Sunderland. It was a cool, comfortable finish, and any doubts that he can hang in the EPL are surely fading fast. There is […]